International Cooperation

Motiva has actively initiated and participated in a number of European and other international projects, e.g. IEE-projects and SAVE-, ALTENER- and STEER-projects.

Motiva carried out a 14-month EuropeAid-project on increasing public awareness on energy efficiency in buildings in Turkey in 2008-2009. Motiva has also been involved in IEA activity through specific Tasks.

In addition to that we have participated in various projects (energy audits, bioenergy, energy expert activities and implementation of CDM and JI pilot programmes) in the neighbouring regions. In the Baltic Sea Region we have taken part in the Baltic Clearing House and Information Network in energy sector, and in Interreg-projects.

EnR European Energy Network

Motiva is a member of the European Energy Network EnR and actively participates in several thematic working groups of the network: WG Behaviour Change, WG Buildings, WG Energy Efficiency, WG Labelling & Ecodesign, WG Monitoring Tools, WG Renewable Energy and WG Transport. Motiva also currently chairs the Working Group on energy related Behaviour Change.

IEE Intelligent Energy Europe

Motiva serves Finnish organisations and companies as national contact point of the Intelligent Energy Europe, IEE programme. As contact point we provide information and assistance on the IEE calls for proposals by communicating about the programme through internet, e-mails, phone and national info days.

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