What is a Small Energy Efficient House Like?

An energy efficient house consumes at least half the energy of a house that meets the minimum requirements of building regulations. The environmental load lessens proportionately.

Building an energy efficient house is economically rewarding. It requires 3-4% additional investment in the procurement cost compared to a normal building. It pays for itself in 6-10 years at today’s energy prices. The living and maintenance costs of an energy efficient house are less than those of a normal house.

Building an energy efficient house does not require special solutions, but can be done with those generally in use. Energy efficient housing models can be obtained from many housing construction plants.

An energy efficient house has good indoor air quality and operative damp technology structures. These factors cannot be compromised with when seeking energy efficiency.

An energy efficient house is one that is designed by professionals. The house itself, its structures and housing technology are designed to be a functional whole. It worthwhile paying for good design, because the design stage generates some 90% of overall construction costs and about 80% of the house’s use and energy costs.

Page last updated 22.9.2015


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