Home and household

You will find information from the home and household sections on where energy is consumed and some good tips about how you can affect energy consumption at home through your own activity or already when obtaining fittings. There are separate sections for residents belonging to housing companies and for house managers, which give information on energy auditing and the basic regulations concerning the heating system.

Making a big impact with small changes

Everyone can make an impact on the consumption of energy and materials with their everyday choices and use routines. Often, you can achieve a tangible impact with even small changes to use routines without having to compromise on anything.

Everyone make their own important input for action to prevent climate change by reducing the unnecessary use of energy and materials. Apart from making a better environment you’ll be rewarded with definite financial savings.

Energy efficient appliances and green electricity

It’s possible to make significant savings on energy at home in your consumption of electricity, heating and water. Some savings derive from changes to your own consumption routines, but it also makes a great difference to choose low energy consuming and long lasting products when getting home appliances.

As a consumer, you can also decide what sort of energy you want to use in your home. Electricity and heating produced by renewable energy are an excellent way to cut the carbon emissions of your residence. It is easy to make a contract with the electricity plant on the use of green electricity.

Page last updated 14.8.2015