Housing Companies

The basic requirements for households are heating, electricity and water. Householders need these for living, and the appliances of housing premises need electricity in order to function. About 40% of the maintenance costs of housing premises (flats or terraced housing) comprise energy and water consumption. Maintaining the premises’ good economical use of energy can reduce this. At the same time, it improves the general enjoyment of habitation when, for instance, big disparities in heating in various parts of a building are cut.

Aims and measures for improving energy management

In energy management one sets long and short-term aims and measures. In the long run, the purpose is to affect the whole structure of energy use with enduring energy saving investments with the help of information and the training of user personnel. In the short run, measures are intended to find technical use faults that affect energy consumption. The aim is to find, clarify and possibly predict appliance and system defects.

If the consumption of energy and water can be reduced, the pressure to raise maintenance charges and rents will lessen. By regularly monitoring energy and water consumption one can assure the sensible use of systems, the applicability of saving measures and get information quickly on consumption irregularities.

Making a difference as a householder

When householders take a positive stance, energy saving use routines and property maintenance function expediently, the housing company will make good headway in energy conservation. As an occupant you can draw the attention of your housing company to various energy saving solutions and courses of action.

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