Renewable Energy

The use of renewable energy can improve a company’s profitability and image. In particular, when it comes to heating the choices made by an enterprise are highly important. In Finland, the importance of biofuel in the heat production on both a small and large scale has increased. The price fluctuations of domestic biofuels have not been as sharp as with fossil fuels. This is worth bearing in mind when choosing what kind of boiler to use.

It is also good for private sector to be informed about the possibility to outsource heat production to a heating company that uses renewable energy.

The use of renewable sources of energy also cuts the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that an enterprise produces. This is something that can be of advantage to an enterprise in its marketing work and in building up its image.

The website of the Confederation of Finnish Industries have an energy guide for the private sector that has further information on the investment calculations of heating production. According to calculation examples, biofuels are a fairly competitive option in the heating production of the private sector.

Page last updated 5.8.2011


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