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11.5.2016 Energy efficiency agreements for 2017-2025 to be launched

Four new energy efficiency agreements will begin next year in Finland for the period 2017-2025. The aim of the agreements is to improve the efficiency of energy use in industry, the energy and service sectors, the real estate sector, the municipal sector and in oil-heated properties.

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11.12.2015 EurObserv’ER: New EurObserv’ER Heat Pumps Barometer: 1.7 million units sold during 2014

Heat pumps have moved up the ranks of renewable energyproducing heating technologies since the mid-2000s. The EU Member States’ individual market trends are characterised by the technologies used and their heating and cooling needs.

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17.9.2015 Eemods’15 Conference: Energy Efficiency is the Weapon for Fighting the Climate Change

Eemods´15 provided a forum to discuss and debate the latest developments in the impacts of electrical motor systems on energy and the environment. This is more acute than ever before. About 60% of electricity consumption in industrial sectors is caused by motors and motor driven systems like pumps and fans. Therefore their significance is vital for cutting CO2-emissions caused by energy production.

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