A functional, healthy and energy efficient home

A good house is built according to the family’s needs. It is energy efficient and has good and healthy indoor air – round the year and in all weather conditions. A good house is designed to be a functional whole, implemented by professionals.

The key elements of an energy efficient home are:
  • good heat insulation, better than required by the regulations;
  • energy efficient windows;
  • airtight structures;
  • forced general ventilation with efficient heat recovery; and
  • energy efficient electrical appliances and lighting system.

The design and construction phase involves choices that may be impossible to change afterwards. Changes made afterwards are often also expensive.

Energy consumption is the biggest burden on the environment and cause of living costs during a building’s life cycle. It is worth remembering that the occupants’ consumption habits have a big impact on energy consumption. The volume of consumption can be very different in two similar houses, depending on the family’s size and routines.

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Page last updated 23.2.2018

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