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The selection of a heating system is one of the most long-term decisions to be made in the design of a detached house. Once chosen, a system is not easily or cheaply changed afterwards. Heating choices and the planning of energy economy have a great impact on the living comfort and operating costs of a detached house. There is no one and only heating system that is right for a detached house, since all of the systems on the market contain both good and bad features.

Before the selection of the heating system, it is worth thinking about whether the building’s heating need can be reduced with better insulation or airtightness. It also worthwhile thinking about whether to acquire supplementary heating systems alongside the main heating system.

In the selection of a heating system, builders’ primary attention is usually drawn to the supply and operating costs, but other aspects, such as environmental friendliness, are also worth considering.

Calculator in Finnish:
Comparison calculator for the heating options of detached houses

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Page last updated 15.6.2017

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