Energy expert activities

What are energy expert activities?

Building managers and property maintenance cannot really have a better conduit to a building than its active occupant, an energy expert. An energy expert trained to their tasks can promote the living skills of other occupants. The energy expert discusses the sensible level of energy and water consumption with other occupants. Occupants who consider each other and costs will be happier.

Energy experts know their building and its occupants

Energy experts are volunteers; the housing company provides them with the necessary training and tools. The experts communicates information and investigates issues. They help other occupants to act in a way that conserves energy. They gather and communicate information to caretakers and the building management. The voluntary work of an energy experts also introduces new interests and comfort into the person’s own living.

Cooperation with the building manager and maintenance

The energy expert communicates matters discussed jointly with other occupants to the building management and maintenance. The number of unnecessary calls and messages declines, but the feel for the building’s issues improves. The expert can also be contacted for a quick check on whether the building’s affairs are in shape.

Accept the challenge and launch energy expert activities in your own housing company!

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Page last updated 23.2.2018

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