How to influence as an occupant

The housing company is collectively responsible for heating and water costs as well as for the electricity consumption of shared spaces, such as the outdoor lighting of staircases and the property technology. In the end, the bill is always paid by the occupant, either in the maintenance and water charge, or in the rent.

It is always smart to start energy conversation by reducing unnecessary consumption. If you fail to reach your savings goals, you may need to make repairs and improvements in equipment, systems or structures.

Unnecessary consumption is the result of, for example:
  • room temperatures that are too high
  • wrong airing habits
  • the worn out sealing of windows and doors
  • wasteful water consumption
  • leaving the lights and other electrical equipment on when you leave a room or the apartment.

Information and ideas to housing companies

When you a notice a shortcoming or perhaps an HVAC device that needs adjustment or maintenance, contact the building manager or property maintenance. You can make a proposal concerning energy saving measures at a shareholders’ meeting. Energy efficiency is a shared benefit. You can also participate in the Energy Awareness Week in your housing company. It is a good way to communicate the shared, sustainable operating methods to other occupants.

As an occupant, you can draw your housing company’s attention to various energy conserving solutions and operating methods, such as:
  • the right temperatures of rooms, staircases and storage spaces (basis regulation of the heating network)
  • the operating times of ventilation
  • the operating times of the dusk switch and automated staircase lighting
  • the use of LED and energy saving bulbs
  • the functioning of the time switches heated car parking spaces
  • the sensible grouping of sauna turns
  • the operation and settings of refrigeration equipment
  • the water saving taps, jet mixers and toilet seats of apartments and the building sauna

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Page last updated 15.6.2017

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