Cookies are small text files on a website sent to and stored on a user’s own computer. Cookies do not harm the user’s computer or files.

Motiva’s pages use cookies only for the production of information involving visitor monitoring. The following statistical records on the use of the service are collected: total visitor numbers, whether a user is returning or visiting the pages for the first time, the network address the visitor comes from, the most common search words, the most popular pages, the most common browser versions and the most common service providers. No personal data from which an individual user could be identified is collected on users visiting the online service. The statistically collected information can be combined with each other.

We use cookies to improve the functionality of the web pages and to develop their content.

Users can disable the cookies. To disable the cookies, go to the settings of your internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. If you disable cookies, please remember that they may be necessary for the appropriate functioning of some services.

Further information: Privacy policy

Further information about cookies: Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority – Cookies

Page last updated 15.6.2017