Uncover opportunities for savings with Energy and Material Audits

An energy and material audit investigates what in your company consumes energy and materials. As an end result, the audit produces a list of the necessary efficiency increasing measures, profitability calculations included.

  • A Motiva-modelled energy audit is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (and municipalities) which want to investigate the possibilities for increasing the efficiency of energy use. The government grants aid for their implementation.
  • The mandatory energy audits of large companies is statutory for all large companies.
  • A materials audit is suitable for industrial companies of all sizes. Aid for their implementation may be granted.

Motiva trains skilled professionals to implement the audits. Thanks to this, you have a large group of competent energy auditors and materials auditors at your disposal. The training provided to the persons responsible for the energy audits of large companies is organised by the Energy Authority.

Page last updated 15.6.2017

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