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FISU (Finnish Sustainable Communities) is a network of pioneers that pursues carbon neutrality, zero waste and globally sustainable consumption by 2050.
The FISU network (in Finnish)

Industrial symbiosis – FISS (Finnish Industrial Symbiosis System) pursues a closed cycle of materials and raw materials in the way of a natural ecosystem. Industrial symbioses conserve natural resources and promote their sustainable use and a sensible material cycle.
Industrial symbioses (in Finnish)

The competence network for product-driven environmental management seeks to ensure and develop the environmental competitiveness of Finnish companies. The aim of this national network is to share competence related to the management of product chains’ environmental impact.
The TUORE competence network (in Finnish)

The Vihreät valinnat (Green Choices) procurement network brings together people responsible for the procurement of private sector businesses and provides them with inspiration for and help in making responsible procurements.
The Vihreät hankinnat network (in Finnish)

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