Smart commuting – encourage sustainable mobility

Employers have a good many reasons to encourage their employees to make smart choices in terms of mobility, since these choices generate welcome cost savings to companies and promote the achievement of environmental and energy efficiency goals and the objectives of well-being at work.

Means for each workplace

Reducing the use of private cars by encouraging employees to use public transport, cycling or walking is an effective way for employers to promote sustainable mobility. If cars are necessary, it is advisable to favour vehicles with low emissions and provide employees with instructions on economic driving techniques.

Flexible ways of working, such as remote negotiations and remote work, are good ways by which to reduce unnecessary travel. Travel expenses arise from, for instance, mileage allowances, plane tickets and working hours. By moving negotiations to an online environment, you will accumulate savings easily. The right kinds of tools and clear rules encourage employees to tackle office work from home.

Local public transport operators will help you in the procurement of employer-subsidised commuter tickets. Companies may choose to adopt commuter tickets that can be loaned for work-related trips or offer seasonal commuter tickets as a fringe benefit or commuter vouchers for commuting.

Finnish people make approximately 1,000 trips per year. One in four of these trips involves commuting.

Four tips for smarter mobility:
  1. Remember to check that the showers and changing facilities for those who choose to cycle, run or walk to work are in a good condition in the spring.
  2. Gather together a group of cyclists at your workplace and enter the Kilometrikisa competition.
  3. Organise training on economic and safe driving techniques for the people who use their own car.
  4. Try a remote meeting or a walking meeting.

Page last updated 23.2.2018

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