Training and communication in the improvement of energy efficiency

Training and communication are important tools when you want to make sure that the measures to increase the efficiency of energy use are implemented successfully.

By training and guiding your own personnel in energy use and energy saving procurements, you can ensure the achievement of the goals set in, for example, a municipality’s or city’s plan for increasing the efficiency of energy use.

The measures and their objectives should also be communicated to residents.

The energy efficiency measures of the City of Kuopio and the implementation of the Päijät-Häme centre for sustainable development – i.e. the Vanamo project – are good examples of activities in which training and communication have been an integral part in the improvement of energy efficiency.

Campaigns and theme weeks to support communication and training

Motiva organises two large-scale theme weeks every year: the national Energy Awareness Week and Mobility Week, which function as good platforms for the training of personnel and communication with residents.

The Energy Awareness Week has been organised for more than ten years in Finland. The Energy Awareness Week encourages personnel towards the more sensible use of energy and includes campaigns on energy saving opportunities aimed at residents and customers. Hundreds of businesses and corporations participate in the Energy Awareness Week every year. The participants include industrial sector enterprises, energy companies, municipalities and cities of varying sizes, service and commerce sector businesses, schools and hospitals.

Municipalities and cities are active participants in the Mobility Week, organising events and happenings that promote sustainable mobility in their areas.

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Page last updated 15.6.2017

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