Auditing Fieldwork

Energy auditing cannot be carried out purely from behind a desk. Fieldwork makes up the main part of auditing. About half of auditing work consists of fieldwork involving the facility. A large amount of energy saving targets is identified on the basis of the measurements, observations, interviews and tests conducted during fieldwork.

Fieldwork must be correctly scheduled

It is crucial to pay attention to the time of the fieldwork. Inspections of heating systems are carried out during the heating season, and the inspection of cooling systems during the summer, if possible. Night inspections or during shutdown periods enables one to check things that are hard to discern during regular operations.

The auditor agrees with the contact persons on the times of the field visits to the facility being audited. Personnel assisting the auditor during the fieldwork must know how to use examination equipment and, if necessary, assist with installing measuring devices and with various tests.

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Page last updated 16.6.2017

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