Renewing and Updating Energy Audits

Energy audits are conducted as projects, but in order to be fruitful and efficient the audits should be linked as processes to the continual energy efficiency work of companies and other organizations.

The importance of regularly updating energy audits

It is necessary to update and complement data on subjects that have previously had energy audits, for example on a yearly basis, and concurrently with following-up the energy use following the audit as well as changes and developments in energy efficiency and the impact of the efficiency measures carried out.

The energy audit should be updated or renewed after a few years or if changes have taken place in the facility’s operations. There is a Building Follow-up Auditing model for use on buildings in carrying out updates. It is possible to apply for a subsidy for carrying out a follow-up energy audit, if three years have elapsed since the issuing of the previous audit report.

Auditing in the follow-up phase for other subjects is carried out by using the energy auditing models for the sectors in question and by adapting them according to distinct project plans. If there have been major alterations in a facility’s operations and energy needs or use, the energy audit can be carried out as with a first-time audit of the facility.

Making use of data from earlier audits

In follow-up energy auditing the aim is to make use of data from earlier energy audits and reports. If, for instance, some sector is adequately described and analysed in an earlier report and there have been no changes, the report of the follow-up stage can efficiently make use of this description and so avoid overlapping and unnecessary work.

It is important, however, always to examine the opportunities for making savings and estimating the practicability of new techniques and good practices. Previous profitability calculations should also be checked against today’s prices.

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Page last updated 16.6.2017

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