Selection of Auditing Objects and Budgeting

The scheduling and budgeting of the objects to be audited are the first tasks. When selecting auditing objects it is worthwhile bearing in mind that it is cost effective to combine the audit with other tasks e.g. conditions assessment.

After you have selected the objects for audit, you can gather basic information on those:
  • information on operation, output, processes and services;
  • data on the capacity and surface area parts of buildings that are heated; and
  • energy data (heating, electricity, water) for the entire previous year.
Auditing models are selected by object on the basis of energy and water use, expenditure, the volume of buildings and facilities.

Workload and expenditure case-by-case

Auditor draws up a cost assessment by estimating the workload that will be needed and the costs of he's own work and outsourced work. For the purposes of budgeting you can estimate the work costs of the energy audit using the work costs section of the support available from the MEAE. The actual workload and cost of the audit is always determined on a case-by-case basis.

The first thing to do is the schedule of the energy audits. To ensure good quality work the compilation of the schedule needs to take into account such things as heating seasons and the sufficiency of one’s own and outsourced resources.

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Page last updated 4.8.2017

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