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GreenEnergyCases introduces the latest applications and visiting places in the field of renewable energy and gives lots of information on the Finnish energy know-how.

The Finnish energy production is well-known for its creative and intelligent solutions, which help to reduce emissions, to increase the use of domestic renewable energy sources as well as to streamline production processes. Finland is a pioneer especially in bioenergy and its applications.

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CS Control Software Oy, Intelligent control system for street lights

Intelligent control system for street lights

With the intelligent control system for street lights the lighting of the streets and roads are controlled to right levels to achieve up to 50 % of energy savings. The lighting levels are controlled according to time and traffic amounts so that always the right lighting levels are achieved by taken into account both the energy saving potential and the safety of the streets.

There are several systems implemented in Finland ex. HW1, HW51, Leppävaara, road 7, road 2-, ringroad III.

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CS Control Software Oy

CS Control Software Oy
Sinimäentie 8 B
02630 Espoo

Juhana Kerppola
040 844 9269

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00000 Helsinki, Espoo

Juhana Kerppola
040 844 9269

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