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Starting Energy Audits
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MEAE Subsidies for Energy Auditing
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Overview of Energy Auditing in Finland
Energy Efficiency Agreements
Energy Conservation Agreements 1997-2007
Coverage of the Agreement Sectors
Energy Audits and Subsidies
Investment Subsidies for Measures Increasing Energy Efficiency
Agreement Sectors
The Impact of the Energy Conservation Agreements at the End of 2006
Material Efficiency
Material Efficiency Audit Tools for Companies
Material Audits Bring Savings
Questions and Answers Concerning Material Audits
How is the Material Audit Performed?
Time And Cost Required for an Audit
Companies Offering Material Auditing
What Next After a Material Audit?
Results Achieved in Finland
The Results of Material Auditing
The Auditing Method – Some Background
Help for Environmental Technology Procurement
Pilot Projects
What’s in It for Me?
Boosting the CleanTech Industry
International Activities
Industrial Symbiosis
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy in Finland
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Wind Power in Finland
Finnish Icing Atlas
International Cooperation
European Energy Network, EnR
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Audit06 Conference
SAVE II -Projects
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Country Reports, Group 1
Country Reports, Group 2
Energy Auditing in Other Countries
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Energy Awareness Week
Motiva Coordinates
The Finnish Climate Change Communications Programme 2002-2007
Consumer Advice on Energy Issues
Public Sector
Administer Energy Use
Premises' Energy Management
Office Equipment
Planning Guidance
Energy Efficiency Agreement and Programme
Energy Audits
Public Procurements
Community Planning
Schools and Colleges
Active Learning Leads to Real Savings
How Does Our School Use Energy?
DIY Energy Audits for School Groups
School Energy Surveys Can Make a Difference
Five Energy-saving Tips for Schools
Join National Energy-Saving Week
Tried and Tested Classroom Activities
Energy-saving Week at Martti School
Energy-saving Week at Järvikoto Day Care Centre
Energy-saving Week at Pitkäjärvi School
Educational Experiments Related to Renewable Energy Sources
Learning about Energy Use in the Built Environment
Media Analysis on Energy Issues
Teaching Materials Covering Energy Issues
Active Learning – Learning by Doing
Wind with Miller
The World Game
Lifestyle Role Play Cards
Secret Letters – Jack Daw Finds Out About Energy
Places to Visit on School Outings
Power Station Visits Through the Energy in Finland Project
Helsingin Energia’s Energy Information Centre
Reposaari Wind Farm, Pori
Technical Museum, Helsinki
Tietomaa Science Centre, Oulu
Galilei Science Park & the Finnish Science Centre Heureka, Vantaa
Old Hydropower Station Museum, Helsinki
International Projects
Kids4Future – Rainmakers Working for Sustainable Development
Active Learning – the Best Way to Learn!
Private Sector
What is a Small Energy Efficient House Like?
Checklist of a House’s Energy Efficient Factors
Definitions of a Low Energy House
Choice of Heating System
Where is the Heat Needed?
How a Heating System Works
Home and Household
How You Can Save Energy
Washing and Drying Laundry
ABC of Lighting
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Computers and Electricity Saving
Make a Difference with What You Buy
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Energy Audit
Energy in Finland
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EU Directives
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Energy Auditing
Estate and Services
Material Efficiency
Motiva Ltd
Energy Efficiency Agreements 2008-2016
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Renewable Energy

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