Renewable energy

Renewable energy includes solar, wind, water and bioenergy, geothermal heat and energy captured from the movement of waves and the tide. Bioenergy, on the other hand, covers wood-based fuels, field biomasses, biogas and biodegradable part of recycled fuels. The production of wave and tidal energy is not profitable in Finland with current technology, due to which they do not, at least yet, play a role in our energy production.

The use of renewable energy is influenced by Finland’s own energy and climate policies as well as by EU decisions and directives – such as the Emissions Trading Directive, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – which Finland has to consider in its energy policies.

In line with the goals of the energy and climate strategy and Finland’s National Renewable Energy Action Plan, Finland aims to increase the use of renewable energy from the current levels. The National Energy and Climate Strategy was updated in 2016.

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Page last updated 23.2.2018

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