Participate in Energy Efficiency Agreements

Join the responsible energy users

The efficient use of energy is sensible and responsible activity that generates considerable cost savings. Lower energy costs improve your company’s profitability and are visible in the results. Energy efficiency is one of the most important ways to combat climate change.

Join an agreement and increase the efficiency of your energy use – you will improve profitability, demonstrate your own responsibility and build a positive public image.

When your company joins an agreement, it will get the chance to receive government aid for energy efficiency investments.

Energy Efficiency Agreements 2017–2025 – in effect

Four new energy efficiency agreements for 2017–2025 took effect in Finland on 1 January 2017. The agreements aim to increase the efficiency of energy consumption in the industrial sector, energy and service sectors, property sector, municipal sector and in heating oil properties. The voluntary agreements are a means, selected by the government in cooperation with different industries, to meet the international energy efficiency obligations imposed on Finland without legislation or other new mandatory means.

Page last updated 23.2.2018

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