The Solutions section contains information on measures related to increasing the efficiency of energy and material and on increasing the use of renewable energy, for which Motiva offers products and services. The discussed topics include energy audits, energy efficiency agreements, sustainable transport and mobility, material efficiency and the utilisation of renewable energy.

Section “Energy Use in Finland” contains statistics on energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in Finland.

The Policy Instruments section discusses the international and national policy instruments that promote improved energy efficiency, advance the use of renewable energy and curb emissions that contribute to climate change.

The European Union has set its member states common goals for the enhancement of energy consumption and the reduction of emissions. The goals are pursued with the help of energy and climate directives, the most important ones of which are the Energy Service Directive, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Ecodesign Directive. National policy instruments implement, among other things, the requirements of the aforementioned directives.


Energy Audits

There are two kinds of energy audits: the mandatory energy audits pursuant to the Energy Efficiency Act, concerning big corporations, and the voluntary energy audits aided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, concerning other companies.

Energy Efficiency Agreements

Energy Efficiency Agreements are an important part of Finland’s energy and climate strategy and the principal method by which to promote the efficient use of energy in Finland.

Sustainable transport and mobility

A diverse set of means and cooperation between a number of sectors enable the reduction of traffic emissions. To achieve this goal, we require low-carbon energy, clean and energy efficient vehicles, smart traffic services, an infrastructure that supports sustainable mobility and a change in the attitudes and behaviour of people on the move.

Material Efficiency

The private sector and business circles will find it worth their while to promote materials efficiency, since it has a direct bearing on costs, competitiveness and the realisation of corporate social responsibility.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy includes solar, wind, water and bioenergy, geothermal heat and energy captured from the movement of waves and the tide. Bioenergy, on the other hand, covers wood-based fuels, field biomasses, biogas and biodegradable part of recycled fuels.

Energy Use in Finland

Some of the most important information regarding energy use in Finland is presented in the attached articles.

Policy instruments

Energy efficiency, the promotion of renewable energy and the reduction of emissions with an impact on climate can be guided with both international and national policies.


Ecolabel Finland governs both the Nordic Ecolabel – the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – and the EU Ecolabel in Finland.

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