Promoting material efficiency in municipalities

From the perspective of a municipality, materials efficiency can mean taking care of the sufficiency of natural resources, the sustainable use of natural resources on a local level and the reduction of environmental impact. We offer information and tools to support the resource-smart decisions of municipalities and cities.

The greatest material flows in municipalities derive from infrastructure building and energy production. A significant amount of energy and materials is also on the move in services, such as schools and hospitals. Increasing the efficiency of materials and energy use is advisable, since it often generates cost savings as well.

Material efficiency can be improved and promoted in municipalities particularly:
  • with regard to procurements;
  • with planning;
  • in construction projects;
  • in waste management; and
  • in services (hospitals, schools, technical services).

Five methods to improve materials efficiency in municipalities:
  • Including environmental and material efficiency goals in the municipality’s strategy.
  • A land use policy that accounts for material issues and enables the utilisation of materials.
  • Sustainable procurements.
  • Utilising recycled materials in infrastructure building and earth work.
  • Waste management regulations, charges and initiatives that encourage people to generate less waste.

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Page last updated 23.2.2018

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