Private sector

The efficient use of energy and materials is profitable and responsible. We offer private sector companies information, consulting services and cooperation networks that enable them to develop their operations in a more resource-smart direction.

Energy efficiency and the sustainable use of materials generate savings that, in full, improve operating results. At the same time, the improved energy and materials efficiency reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to climate change.

A €10,000 cost saving achieved through energy or material efficiency corresponds with €100,000 in additional sales when calculated with a 10 per cent operating margin.

Growth and new business

The sustainable development, circular economy, resource-smartness, cleantech, energy efficiency and materials efficiency open new growth and business opportunities for many Finnish companies.

Identify your opportunities and be part of the change!


Energy Efficiency Agreements

Lower energy costs improve your company’s profitability and are visible in the results. Energy efficiency is one of the most important ways to combat climate change.

Energy and Material Audits

An energy and material audit investigates what in your company consumes energy and materials. As an end result, the audit produces a list of the necessary efficiency increasing measures, profitability calculations included.

Better results through management

Energy efficiency requires systematic and long-term work. The best results are achieved by the continuous improvement of energy efficiency and comprehensive management.

Joint projects

In our joint projects, experts and professionals representing different fields together solve the energy or material efficiency challenges that businesses, municipalities and consumers face in their day-to-day activities. This cooperation produces practical information and functional solutions that allow for the increasingly efficient use of energy and materials.

Support in the form of funding and aid

The government aids the energy efficiency investments of businesses. The energy aid granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is discretionary and granted within the framework of appropriations, regardless of a company’s size.


Networking to promote the management of sustainable consumption, rotary economy and product chain management and responsible purchasing.

Sustainable and responsible procurements

Procurements are an important aspect of corporate responsibility. Their own procurements allow companies to make a substantial contribution to resource-smart solutions and technology becoming more widespread.

Smart commuting

Employers have a good many reasons to encourage their employees to make smart choices in terms of mobility, since these choices generate welcome cost savings to companies and promote the achievement of environmental and energy efficiency goals and the objectives of well-being at work.

Training and seminars

Motiva offers companies training related to energy and materials efficiency and seminars on topical subjects throughout the year.

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