Energy advice for consumers

Motiva coordinates national energy advice for consumers in Finland. Our pages will provide you with information and guidance on sustainable choices related to living, building and redecorating, heating options and mobility.

Ask our energy consultants on Facebook

Our energy consultants answer consumers’ questions on our Asiaa energiasta (about energy) Facebook page. Join the conversation or send your question to us via Messenger. We will reply to questions on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The service is free.
Our services include:

  • sharing information related to energy use online
  • tools and test for investigating the benefits of different solutions or your own potential for savings, for example
  • consulting online and in events
  • support for the network of local energy consultants

The national energy advice for consumers is free for consumers. The service is produced by Motiva at the Energy Authority’s commission.

Energy advice for consumers guides you in matters related to sensible energy use, the utilisation of renewable energy and sustainable development.

The topical Asiaa energiasta is also on Facebook.

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Page last updated 23.2.2018

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