Joint projects

Motiva is building a resource-smart and sustainable future in cooperation with society’s different operators. In our joint projects, experts and professionals representing different fields together solve the energy or material efficiency challenges that businesses, municipalities and consumers face in their day-to-day activities. This cooperation produces practical information and functional solutions that allow for the increasingly efficient use of energy and materials.

The work supports the responsibility work of businesses and municipalities and the implementation of energy efficiency agreements in various industries. The information and experiences accumulated in the projects serve both the individual companies involved in the projects and the business sector and public sector of the entire country.

Ongoing joint projects (in Finnish):

Examples of concluded joint projects (in Finnish):

    Join us!

    We are constantly looking for private and public sector operators representing different fields to join projects about to get underway.

    Cooperation projects about to get underway:
    • Lighting procurement instructions and the servicing and maintenance of LEDs
    • Energy efficiency to power plants with a process analysis system
    • Solar power to properties in the service and industrial sectors
    • Energy efficient cooling in the industrial sector
    • Introducing energy efficiency to electricity use with rectifier inverters, controls and adjustments
    • Ventilation and good indoor air in residential buildings
    • Savings with a heat pump

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