Sustainable and responsible procurements

Procurements are an important aspect of corporate responsibility. Their own procurements allow companies to make a substantial contribution to resource-smart solutions and technology becoming more widespread.

The implementation of responsible procurements requires the support of the management and the necessary resources. The procurement of energy efficient and resource-smart solutions also requires knowledge, time and an attention to detail from the people who prepare invitations to tender and make procurement decisions.

Choose wisely

What kinds of procurements are in line with your company’s values and corporate responsibility?

Minimum requirements may include energy efficiency, low emissions, an ecolabel or recyclability. It would be a good idea to set the minimum requirements which the product or service to be procured must meet in the invitation to tender.

Attention to life cycle costs

Rather than making decisions on the basis of the purchase price alone, study the costs throughout a product’s life cycle. The operating costs of many devices may become manifold in comparison to their purchase price. An investment in energy efficient technology pays itself back in the form of lower operating costs.

A guide to energy efficient procurements

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment published guidelines on energy efficiency in public procurement for the public sector in 2016. Some of the information in the guidelines is easily adaptable to private sector companies as well.

Page last updated 23.2.2018

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