Support in the form of funding and aid

Energy aid speeds up the implementation of investments

The government aids the energy efficiency investments of businesses. The energy aid granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is discretionary and granted within the framework of appropriations, regardless of a company’s size.

The energy aid promotes particularly the adoption of new energy technology and the creation of markets for them. Energy efficiency investments relying on conventional technology may be granted energy aid only if the business or municipality in question is party to an energy efficiency agreement.

The government aid is aimed particularly at energy efficiency investments which would not be realised without support. The aid aims to improve the investment’s financial profitability and reduce the financial risks involved in the adoption of new technology.

Aid for the energy audits of small and medium-sized enterprises

Micro-enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises can also be granted government aid for the implementation of a Motiva-modelled energy audit.

Finance an investment with the savings it generates

Companies’ energy efficiency investments may also draw upon various private sector financing schemes. The most well-known of these is probably the ESCO financing model, in which an external service provider assumes responsibility for an energy efficiency investment’s financing, implementation and creation of savings. The investment is paid with the cost savings it generates.

Page last updated 13.10.2017

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