Energy Efficiency Agreements

Energy Efficiency Agreements are an important part of Finland’s energy and climate strategy and the principal method by which to promote the efficient use of energy in Finland.

The responsible and efficient use of energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to climate change. Energy conservation and energy efficiency have been promoted with agreements between the government and various industries since the 1990s. 

The new energy efficiency agreement period commenced at the beginning of 2017

The energy efficiency agreement period for 2017–2025 extends the agreement period for 2008–2016. The sign-up period for the new agreement period is underway.

Further information:
Energy Efficiency Agreements 2017–2025

The agreement period that began in 2008 concluded at the end of 2016

The goal of the agreement period was energy conservation of up to nine per cent by the end of 2016.

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Page last updated 23.2.2018

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