What is an energy efficient detached house like?

The qualities of an energy efficient home:
  • An energy efficient house belongs in energy class A or B.
  • The construction of an energy efficient house is financially viable. The supply price requires a 10 per cent additional investment in comparison to normal construction. The payback time is approximately 10 years even in today’s energy prices. The living and maintenance costs of an energy efficient house are lower than in a regular house.
  • The construction of an energy efficient house does not require any special solutions; rather, it can be built with solutions that are in common use. The selections of most manufacturers of prefabricated houses include energy efficient house designs.
  • Energy efficiency can be achieved with structural or technical means, with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness.
  • An energy efficient house has good indoor air quality and moisture-technically functional structures. These are the factors you may not compromise on when pursuing energy efficiency.
  • An energy efficient house is designed by a professional. The house itself, its structures and building services engineering have been designed to be a functional entity. Good designs are worth paying for, given that 90 per cent and roughly 80 per cent of the total construction costs and future operating and energy costs, respectively, are nailed down during the design phase.

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Page last updated 23.2.2018

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