Starting Energy Auditing

Being systematic is a precondition for achieving a productive result, which is why, when the decision is taken within a company or community, it is good to define a framework plan of the energy audit for the coming years.

A company should appoint from among its staff a contact person or person in charge well before the auditing work begins. This person should get to know in advance such things as the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) general guidelines on energy auditing and from the outset plan the organization of the audit, the company’s own input in carrying it out and what services are to be contracted from outside. It is also worth giving thought to the organization of energy saving implementation and follow-up within the organization and the environmental issues and arrangements associated with the auditing work.

Energy auditing support application forms and the latest general guidelines can be obtained from the Centres for Economic Development or Motiva. You can also ask Motiva for further information when already planning and budgeting for energy auditing or use its experienced auditing consultant services.

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Page last updated 16.6.2017

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