Auditing and Investment Subsidies

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) subsidizes comprehensive energy audits that are carried out and reported according to MEAE and Motiva’s guidelines, and which are called Motiva Energy Audits. Motiva Energy Audits cover building (commercial and public), industry and energy (power plants, district heating) sectors (not farming and residential buildings).

The MEAE energy auditing subsidy is available for companies and communities (e.g. municipalities, parishes and foundations). In addition, energy auditing projects for the district heating sector, power plant sector and logistics chains, plus Renewable Energy Municipal Audits are also subsidised.

Subsidy applicants must be the company, community or other such body that owns the facility to be audited. Subsidies are not granted to government agencies, institutes and public utilities.

Energy audits always cover a facility’s entire energy /heat, fuels, electricity, cooling) and water saving potentials, as well as utilization of renewable energy.

Subsidies for energy saving and using renewable energy

Investment subsidies for companies and communities can be granted for such things as projects that promote energy saving and make use of new technology or which promote the use of renewable energy.

In addition, companies and communities that have joined the energy efficiency agreements can obtain subsidies on a case-by-case basis for carrying out conventional technical savings investments. Conventional technical savings investments must be stated in energy auditing reports, analyses or other such studies.

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Page last updated 16.6.2017

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