Total Energy Consumption

Total energy consumption in 2017 (provisional data):
  • 1 353 PJ (32.3 Mtoe)
  • 245 GJ / capita (5.86 toe/capita)

Total energy consumption in 2016:
  • 1 367 PJ (32.7 Mtoe)
  • 248 GJ / capita (5.93 toe/capita)

According to Statistics Finland’s preliminary data, total energy consumption amounted to 1 353 PJ (petajoule) 2017, which corresponded to a drop of one per cent compared with the previous year.

Source: Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Energy supply and consumption [e-publication].
ISSN=1799-7976. Helsinki: Statistics Finland [referred: 10.8.2018].
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Picture 1. Energy Use in Finland by Source in 2017, provisional data.

Total use of energy by source 2016-2017
Picture 2. Total Use of Energy in Finland by Source in 2016 and 2017, PJ, year 2017 provisional data.

Total Energy Consumption by energy source 1970-2017
Picture 3. Total Energy Consumption by Energy Source 1970-2017, PJ, year 2017 provisional data.

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