Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Energy Production and Use

Carbon dioxide emissions relating to energy production and consumption were 41 million tonnes in 2017, which were 73 % of the total CO2 emissions in Finland. The use of fossil fuel and peat decreased by five per cent, and correspondingly carbon dioxide emissions from energy production decreased by five per cent in 2017. The use of renewable energy sources continued growing and their share was record high, 36 per cent of total energy consumption.

According to Statistics Finland’s instant preliminary data, the total emissions of greenhouse gases in 2017 corresponded with 56.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2 eq.). Emissions fell by almost five per cent compared with the previous year and were on level with 2015. The fall in emissions was most influenced by the decreased consumption of the main fossil fuels and the increased share of biofuels in traffic. Emissions outside the EU emissions trading system went down by two per cent from 2016, but they exceeded the emission allocation set by the EU for the second time.

Source: Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Energy supply and consumption [e-publication].
ISSN=1799-7976. Helsinki: Statistics Finland [referred: 10.8.2018].
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Picture. CO2 emissions 1970-2017, year 2017 provisional data.

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