Energy Efficiency Agreements

The new energy efficiency agreement period commenced at the beginning of 2017.
The energy efficiency agreement period for 2017–2025 extends the agreement period for 2008–2016. The sign-up period for the new agreement period is underway.

The energy efficiency agreements that began in different fields of operation in 2008 responded to our international commitments to combat climate change in accordance with the National Energy and Climate Strategy. The new agreement scheme is a particularly important tool in the implementation of the Energy Service Directive (ESD), which took effect in May 2006.

Regarding Finland, the Energy Service Directive resulted in an indicative energy conservation target of 9 per cent for the period 2008–2016. In terms of energy amounts, the target is 17.8 TWh. The new agreement scheme expressly aimed to account for those obligations imposed by the ESD which were implemented, as a result of Finland’s successful negotiation, with the energy efficiency agreements rather than by regulations.

Insofar as the implementation of the Directive’s obligations was not possible through contractual measures, the necessary provisions, concerning the energy consumption of public sector entities and the energy efficiency services of energy companies, were drawn up.

Ministries involved in energy efficiency agreements

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for the energy efficiency agreement of the business sector and the municipal sector’s energy efficiency agreement and energy programme.

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Page last updated 23.2.2018

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